A Limited Liability Company

Speedy Removal Service

                   Rock Hill, SC

  • Movers
  • Removal
  • Waste Management
  • Demolition / Contracting Services
Our Services

  • Movers -  Rental Loading / Unloading

  • Household Garbage Collection ( must be bagged and sealed )
  • Local Furniture Delivery and Set up
  • Junk Removal / Residential Demolition / Contracting Services

  * Please add 8% for All Credit Card Transactions. Also Consider : Dump Fees , Fuel, Equipment / Parts (if applicable) and Labor cost in U.S.D. for all work. All Tools provided at No Additional Price. Please keep all chemicals: Including- Paint, Stain, and Spray "Out of Household Waste".


Our work is Good. We Promise. And Behind that Promise, We want you to know that we back our work with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Moving? Anytime you Hire Movers Secure All Valuables "Out of Sight and in a Safe Place". Always Remember to Purchase the "Safe Move" Extra Insurance, and Furniture Pads at time of Rental Purchase. References Available Upon Request.

Sales, Service / Repair, and Installations

Local Code Compliance -  Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Repair and New Installations. Goodman / Comfort-maker Equipment Dealer

Board Certified Electrical, and Heating / Air Conditioning Specialist. Plumbing Repairs Welcome.

E.I.N.- **-***7834 - ( Employer Identification Number )

S.C.  L.L.R.  Specialty Contractor 53816 Residential Builders Commission

Artisan Furniture Mover Contractor Registration - ART45104338

City of Rock Hill, S.C.  Business and Professional License No.9680 - Office of Garbage Removal                 

Permit to Transport Non Ferrous Metals



Rental Truck Loading - Unloading. Local Furniture Delivery ; Junk Removal ; Large Item Moving and Removal Service. We Move Pianos and Oversized Items Including : Pool Tables, Hot Tubs, and Exercise Equipment. Garbage Collection ; Demolition ; Residential Contracting Services. Home Repair ; Heat Repair ; Air Conditioning Repair ; Plumbing Repair and New Installations Welcome. Board Certified Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist. Goodman / Comfortmaker Heating and Cooling Equipment Dealer. William J Robinson
800 Prestwick Dr. Rock Hill,SC